Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun Google Games

Google is not a stuffy serious search engine.. oh, no, definitely not! There are some fun ways to Google search as well ! For instance you want to check out which word is better out of the two words or which person is better than other, what do you do? You Google fight! :) Google fight ? Yes, Google fight! What is Google fight? It is fun tool to determine which word is better.

Go to Googlefight (

Lets say that you want to find out who is better- Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Type in both the words and Google Fight uses the popularity of search words in Google to determine the "winner."

Google Fight will play a funny Flash movie of two stick figures fighting and then show you the results.

Well..well..well..told you google is not just about serious stuff! :)

Another hilarious Google search engine is Googlism . Want to find out what Google thinks of you, your friends or anything? All right, search for your name or have a hearty laugh by checking out some of the popular Googlisms below. All you have to do is to go to Googlism search engine and type in your name or any name .The results that come back with a sentence are usually amusing!

For instance,lets type in Bruce Willis and check the Who box.The following results will appear!

Now, lets type in iPod and check the What is box.

In the same manner,try out the Where is and When is boxes too!

Another fun Google Game is Googlewhack (
It is a game to find two word combinations .The end results in only one likely page in the Google search engine. Googlewhack is not maintained by Google.

Have fun!! :)


TITECH said...

This is nice! Where do you find these things?


TITECH said...

C'mon guys! I know you're looking at this awesome post! Don't let a little typing make you shrug off commenting!

LAILA said...

Glad you enjoyed this Titus..:)