Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Weird Google Search Engine

I happened upon this weird and funky Google search engine site.

elgooG, which is Google spelled backwards, is a mirror image of the Google Web site. It is hosted by a popular parody and comedy Web site called All TooFlat.
Go to elgooG ( search engine page will show up.

elgooG also features a "hcreaS elgooG" and an "ykcuL gnileeF m'I" button to mirror Google's Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky buttons. It even has a link to a mirror of Google's Even More page listing Google services.The search box types right to left, and the results display mostly backwards. You can search for words either backwards or forwards.
For instance, lets search for Obama!

You get the results in backwards like this!
Although the site is projected as a joke, it has been maintained for quite a few years and is periodically updated to reflect the changes in the Google Web site. Search results in elgooG are pulled from the actual Google search engine, and then reversed using Python.In fact,some links lead directly to Google services, and others go to a mirror page.

How weird can this be! Well, but if some are having fun and enjoying the site, then, I guess it’s ok! :)


TITECH said...

Again, another wonderful post! You are full of interesting information!!! This is wonderful fun and can even be used.... ahem... for a harmless prank or two. Don't be surprised if I ask you to let me use this info in one of my upcoming Top 10 lists :D

This one is great! I was DYING for you to update your blog after the Google Image Search one, and now you have.... good job! GREAT job!

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

wow this is interesting. There have been many spoofs on Google. Here is the green version.

Nice site you got here!

LAILA said...

Titus,thanks once again for encouraging me!Ofcourse,you are most welcome to use the info and please do mention my blog too..:)

Thanks Venkata Subramanium!Yes,I went through your Green Version too!Great!

TITECH said...


Oh, you bet I will! I never blog about interesting stuff that I happened to stumble upon on other sites without the proper honors that are properly due :)

I will always make mention and let you know ;)
I think I will have this in my April foolsday Top 10 article :D

Pablo Miguel said...

Wow what an interesting feature! How did you find out about this, I had no idea this existed! Keep up the good work!

LAILA said...

Thanks Titus!

Thank you so much for the appreciation,Pablo.Please do keep visiting my blog!:)

TITECH said...


Oh, I'm sure they will keep on visiting! You're blog has great stuff! Right now I'm trying to put together a blog named "the top 10 start up blogs of 2008"

and you one of them... definitely and without question!

God bless!

LAILA said...

Titus,thanks a ton!I'm honoured and touched! :)

qishi87 said...

how it can weird n interested features :p!