Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cooking With Google

Friends coming over suddenly for dinner ? No time for grocery shopping? Do you have just two or three ingredients in your Fridge? Gosh, what shall I do? No worries! Our friendly neighbourhood Google has just the solution for us! There is this awesome Google tool called ‘Cookin’ with Google’ which is based on the concept of cooking with just the ingredients you currently have!

Go to Cookin’ With Google (
Type in just the ingredients you have, and Google will return the recipe results of only those ingredients!
Thats all! Now you can decide on the refined search results and make your choice of recipe to cook.
For example, lets say that you just have tomatoes, coriander and potatoes. Just type in those ingredients .

Google will return recipes with only those ingredients.
Cookin’ with Google will unearth recipes in several different categories as well for you which includes:
• General
• Vegan/Vegetarian
• Weight Watchers
• WorldWide Cuisine
• Atkins Diet
• Diabetic
• Seafood
• Crockpot

Now, how cool is this? There are also Some Search Tips in the site.Check that out too!

A titbit about Cookin' by Google : Actually this is not associated or produced by Google .This is one of the imaginative and fun tools , programmers have made, using Google's search engine and Google’s huge data! Google promotes this sort of experimentation by giving programmers access to extensive documentation through Google Code. Any one can try their hand at creating Google tools by programming in Python.This tool is originally the brain child of Judy Hourihan, who preferred to search for recipes instead of searching through stacks of recipe books!

Well, Have fun! Happy Cooking!

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