Friday, March 20, 2009

Link YouTube Videos to Powerpoint Presentations

You should spice up your PowerPoint presentations with lively video clips to arrest and hold the attention of your audience! You do not have to waste time making your own videos,as there are such great amazing videos in the YouTube website on any topic - whether it is a tutorial, a fun advertisement,a movie , a song clip or if you have your own YouTube video, then ,well and good!:)
You can incorporate these YouTube videos in your Powerpoint presentations and mind you, linking YouTube video to a PowerPoint presentation is just a cake walk! :) Moreover it does add some pizzazz !

There are two ways to use YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations.
  1. You can link the YouTube videos (you will need a good internet connectivity to view this presentation)
  2. You can download and embed the YouTube videos (by this option you can view the presentation offline)
Well, now lets say that you are giving a presentation in a Wi-FIi conference room and the internet connection speed is really fast! Then you can use the first option of just linking the live YouTube Videos directly to your presentation slide.

To link YouTube Videos directly into PowerPoint slide -
You need:
  • A YouTube Video plug-in added to your Powerpoint.
You can download the YouTube Video Wizard plug-in from here
and install it in your computer.

When done,

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Go to Tools,click Add-Ins

The Add New Powerpoint Add-In dialog box will open.
Click the installed Youtube Video add-in and click OK

This will add a new "Insert YouTube Video" command to your PowerPoint Toolbar.

Now you are ready to link the YouTube videos to your Powerpoint Slide!

Click>Insert in your Powerpoint presentation
Click>YouTube Video command
The Insert You tube Video Wizard will appear and walk you through the process!

Enter the link to the YouTube video you want to be linked, from the YouTube video browser address bar.

By default, the YouTube video size is set to 50% of the PowerPoint slide. This is usually the best size to use. You can set any size you like for the video to play, but then, choosing a larger size will show some distortion in the video.

When you are done , click the Finish button. The YouTube video will be imported into your PowerPoint presentation. You will see large X in the center of your PowerPoint slide.This is a
YouTube Video Placeholder which the YouTube video wizard inserts on your PowerPoint slide.

To see the YouTube video in action, you must watch the presentation as a Slide show.

1. Choose Slide Show > View Show or press the F5 key on your keyboard.

2. Press the Esc key to exit the slide show.

Note - It is important that you have a live internet connection in order to view the linked YouTube video in your PowerPoint presentation!

This YouTube video is not embedded into the presentation, but is simply linked to the web!
Was'nt this so very easy? :) Try it!

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