Thursday, March 26, 2009

Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Word Documents

Lets say that you have made this amazing Powerpoint presentation! You want a second opinion from your know-all friend or may be your boss is in another city and wants to take a look at it before the big presentation day. May be ,this is a business presentations which ought to be approved or edited by others in your company .So then ,how do you send it for review? Sending the Powerpoint by mail is so very cumbersome as the file size will be huge because of the graphics, music etc. inserted. So, what do you do? Simple! Convert it to word document and mail it. Convert PowerPoint to Word? Yes, it’s possible and moreover it is a very quick and easy process! :)

Open your PowerPoint presentation:

• PowerPoint 2007 - Click on the Office button > Publish > Create Handouts in Microsoft Word

• PowerPoint 2003 - Choose File > Send to > Microsoft Office Word

The Send To Microsoft Office Word dialog box will open.

You have 5 options for the page layout.

Choose which ever suits you.

Since,after the conversion , the Word document will contain thumbnail versions of your slides, you can choose the page layout option best suited to you!

Important note:
This is also a quicker way to create printed handouts for the audience to jot down notes during presentation!

When PowerPoint converts your presentation to a Word document there is also the choice of Paste or Paste Link . Here is the difference:

• Choosing Paste will simply create the handout in the style you have chosen.

• Choosing Paste Link will create a handout in the style you choose as well,but,if the PowerPoint presentation is edited later,the next time you open the word document , the Word also has those changes!

When done,Click OK.

Your presentation will be converted to word document with the slide thumbnail on one side and your page on the other box!

That's it!Done!You can use these converted documents either as printed handouts or you can mail them to whoever! :)

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